• Root Touch-Up – from $55
  • Roots to Ends – from $80
  • Highlights (Partial Head) – from $95
  • Special Effects (per foil) – from $55
  • Color Glaze (semi-permanent) – from $50
  • Color Correction – upon consultation


“Prices, especially for color work, are based on consultation. Please make a note that we do offer “complimentary consultations”

Peter of London has been one of the best Pinecrest hair salon for many years. We offer top notch professional hair color and highlighting services in the whole of Miami. With our highly trained hair designers and beauty professional we offer free consultation before and after working on your hair.

We also offer free advice on hair care and healthy scalp in Miami and areas around Pinecrest. If you are looking for the best hair color and highlighting designers in Pinecrest that can give you a design you are proud of, visit Peter of London Salons. Trying some hair color and highlighting at home can be very disastrous and even make you lose hair or look awful.

Light skin colors ought to blend with lighter browns, blondes, and reds. A chestnut brown isn’t too fantastic, particularly if a highlighting kit is utilized to add lighter strands casually. The secret to highlighting is doing it random and on top of the head. Although younger groups have a tendency to like the wider, and more specific light streaks against darker hairs, some will likely want their highlights to look as natural as possible.

The best technique to look natural is to keep in mind how the sun hits your hair and keep your highlight shades in the family of your darker base color. For instance, if you have chestnut brown hair, use caramel colored highlights. When you are around Miami get in-touch with the best Pinecrest hair salon or Contact us and book an appointment.